14th September 2016 – Slaughter Method is Irrelevant to Animal Rights

Disclaimer: graphic video linked below

There are countless reasons as to why this video is disgusting and heartbreaking to watch. However, I don’t think that the fact that this cow was slaughtered as an attempt to commemorate Allah, or the fact that those trying to kill them were incredibly inefficient, are anywhere near the most important.

What disturbs me the most is the display of humanity’s warped sense of entitlement and the complete disregard for another sentient animal’s desire to live free from harm. While those things might be obvious takeaways from this video, they are also the reality behind every animal product you purchase – meat, milk, eggs, leather, cosmetics etc. That’s what the pressing issue should be. I understand that it’s easy to have a glance thousands of miles away and condemn something which you have no influence over but doing that is nothing short of ludicrous when you’re funding animal abuse in your own country.

As long as we continue to commodify animals, their exploitation and suffering is inevitable. That’s not a hypothesis, it’s what we already know to be true. Many make the case that the UK has the most developed animal welfare legislation in the world and we still see investigations showing animals in farms and slaughterhouses experiencing atrocious neglect and physical violence released with regularity. Just last month the Food Standards Agency reported that between July 2014 and June 2016 there had been 9,511 animal welfare breaches in UK slaughterhouses.

Discussion of animal rights typically centers around the question ‘how can we ensure that our use of animals is humane and ethical?’ when there’s no need for that to be the question. It’s a fucking terrible question that doesn’t have an answer. The question should be ‘why are we still using animals when it is unnecessary and morally unjustifiable?’