A whole night

Instrumentation: Cello, Fixed tape

Duration: c.6 minutes 35 seconds

This is a piece I wrote as a response to the poem ‘Veglia’ by Guiseppe Ungaretti. More specifically, it is a response to ‘Vigil’, an English translation by Heather Scott, published in ‘Like Leaves in Autumn’ in early 2015.

A recording was made on the 19th March 2015, performed by me.
Recording engineers: Alistair MacDonald and Bob Whitney.
Mixed by Bob Whitney and Patrick Shand.

Peak 4, 23rd December 1915

A whole night
flung down beside
a murdered
with his grinning mouth
turned to the full moon
with the pressure
of his hands
my silence

I wrote
letters full of love

I have never been
so passionately
devoted to life

Performance History

26th April 2017 – Patrick Shand – Triumvirate – The Flying Duck – Glasgow, UK

13th November 2016 – Patrick Shand – OK Composer #16 – The Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts

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