A whole night

Instrumentation: Cello, Fixed tape

Duration: c.6 minutes 30 seconds

This is a piece I wrote as a response to the poem ‘Veglia’ by Guiseppe Ungaretti. More specifically, it is a response to ‘Vigil’, an English translation by Heather Scott, published in ‘Like Leaves in Autumn’ in early 2015.

A recording was made on the 19th March 2015, performed by me.

You can download it here (pay what you want) and stream it via the Soundcloud link below.

Peak 4, 23rd December 1915

A whole night
flung down beside
a murdered
with his grinning mouth
turned to the full moon
with the pressure
of his hands
my silence

I wrote
letters full of love

I have never been
so passionately
devoted to life

Performance History

26th April 2017 – Patrick Shand – Triumvirate – The Flying Duck – Glasgow, UK

13th November 2016 – Patrick Shand – OK Composer #16 – The Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts

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